Res Grand Illinois State Fair Open Show
Ante Up
4th Overall WPX

Stohlquist Showpigs Online Auction 06/11/15

Selling late March and April Born Pigs!


  • EN: 121-2
    Ante Up x Colt 45

  • EN: 121-6
    Ante Up x Colt 45

  • EN: 121-8
    Ante Up x Colt 45


STOHLQUIST SHOW PIGS is owned and operated by Ryan and Victoria Stohlquist and located in Northeastern Illinois. Farrowing competitive Crossbreds, Hampshire, and Yorkshire sows to develop oustanding litters for local and national shows. Our primary goal is our commitment to high quality show pigs. We believe in making the best better.


STOHLQUIST SHOWPIGS now consists of 150 sows and 10 elite boars. As the show pig industry continues to move at a fast pace and push for genetic advancement STOHLQUIST SHOWPIGS will lead the way.